Jeanna Criscitiello

… and then there was EVE

A one woman performative concert that stems from a larger artistic practice exploring feminism and identity.

© Marie Noorbergen

The multi-tasking superwoman EVE is alone on stage for 45 minutes, visibly grappling with doubt, guilt, joy, shame and shamelessness. She is at once fearlessly turning knobs, adjusting vocal effects, singing, playing and then shape shifts into another character while painstakingly adjusting the mic stand. This action becomes individual and collective all at once as the audience is invited into this time warp; a carved-out, slow-motion space that reminds us of the care and attention that is needed in order to be able to perform our daily tasks.

  • @Jewish Museum

    Finissage for the exhibition Four Sisters

  • @La Loge

    Benefit for art space dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and theory. 
  • @NYU Tisch school of the arts

    A performance and workshop with students of collaborative arts