Jeanna Criscitiello


© Gretar Gunnlaugsson

Signed as an emerging solo artist by MCA at sixteen; featured on the Balearic track - Call a wave(Malcolm McLaren-Waltz Darling) and shared a stage with Nina Hagen. Elite model/actress - Jeanna moves to Europe at the height of it's cross-genre explosion - jazz, club/house, pop-rock to electro. Album releases with Marc Moulin(Telex) to Richard Jonckheere (Front242). Two solo EP’s (Wounded and All the Glory), featured vocalist on a variety of projects as well as starting a professional voice over career for film and commercial companies, collaborating and experimenting with female collectives - ultimately leading to abandoning the pop 3’30” format. The transition towards a larger artistic practice that encompasses music, voice, writing, performance, experimentation, process and research was a natural evolution. 

…and then there was EVE is Jeanna’s one woman performative concert that addresses themes of beauty and body image, empowerment, shame and shamelessness, motherhood, intersectionality, mental health, aging, burnout and addiction. Through the creation of a feminine archetype composed of multiple voices is a complete artistic practice that examines a multi-layered human experience while rejecting simplified narratives. 

A fascination with facts and fictions that become woven realities, either personal or collective is the basis of her work.

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